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If obesity has been playing tough, it is time for you to get expert advice: 10 questions you may want to discuss with your doctor about obesity 

Obesity is thought to be a consequence of poor lifestyle choices. It is often believed to be about how much you eat and how little you move. Scientifically, it may not be true. In order to understand about obesity, you may need to start talking to the expert.    Obesity is a complex disease with increasing population becoming a victim to this condition. There ...

It’s not lack of your willpower: Obesity is a recognized disease, a manageable one with many causes

The prevalence of obesity is rising worldwide. In India, it is increasing faster than the global average. This rise in obesity-affected persons may not be all due to a loss of willpower. Will power should not be considered a sole responsible for weight; it depends on many internal and external factors.     A generally accepted perception is that obese people are entirely responsible for their condition. However, it does not hold any ground in reality. Obesity has many causes, some of which are beyond the control ...

It’s not always your lifestyle or your eating pattern that are at fault. Obesity is complex; A healthcare expert can help you progress through your weight management journey

An increasing number of experts are recognizing obesity as a disease. Obesity is still widely thought of as a simple matter of lifestyle, while experts around the world are increasingly defining obesity as a serious medical problem. However, people living with obesity rarely seek professional medical help because they believe that they need to deal with the condition all on their own.   Obesity is just not about weighing ...

Are your genes to blame for your obesity? Maybe it’s time to debunk this myth

Genetics play a central role in obesity, as they may influence:  how much food we tend to eat at each meal  how much energy is needed to run our body’s basic functions  how and where excess calories are stored as fats in our bodies.  Genes are the functional units made up of DNA. They play an important role in the development of a human body.1 They act as ...

You are not alone to blame; your changing environment is equally to blame for your obesity: Learn about the many risk factors of obesity

There is a worldwide rise in obesity, which may not be due to a sudden loss of willpower. Instead, weight gain could be a consequence of our adaptive behavior to our fast–paced changing environment. We may be trying hard to shed the weight, but many of us are not aware that there are many factors that have a role to play in obesity.  Obesity: Triggers all around Us  Obesity is often attributed to modern lifestyle. Lifestyle in a broader sense, however, ...

Feeling stressed may lead to overeating or stress eating, putting you at risk of becoming obese

Your body and mind are closely connected. Have you ever noticed how your palms get sweaty and you feel thirsty when you become nervous? Similarly, feeling stressed and the way how your brain works can put you at a greater risk of what may come as a surprise—nonetheless true—developing obesity.  Stress is a response to certain unpleasant events that can be physiological or emotional. Stress ...