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Let’s talk About Obesity

Get all your queries about weight and weight loss answered directly from the experts! Tune into our monthly series

Dr. Soujanya Kanupareddy

“In our experience, we never give a diet plan as everyone has a different lifestyle & environment. We must understand that it’s the choices they make, which may be unhealthy & unsustainable.”

Dr. Vimal Pahuja

“It is important that we come out, talk and be upfront about obesity to try clearing and busting myths surrounding this disease.”

Dr. Beena Bansal & Dr. Tina Khanna

“Obesity is complex. As doctors, we need to ensure that we’re looking all aspects of health – physical, emotional and nutritional”

Dr. Shalini Joshi

“It’s not just food or lifestyle habits, genetics also play a huge role in Obesity.”

Dr. Anand Hinduja

“Obesity is how physically sick you are.”

Diet and Obesity

When it comes to weight loss and obesity, there is a ton of information present online, and it may be difficult to know what to believe and what not to. Through this page, we aim to provide you with scientific information, tools and resources about this disease to help you in your weight loss journey.